How does personal training work?

Before we begin training with a client, we will first meet with him in person, where we will identify client's goals, past experiences with sport activities, health condition and what motivates them and other aspects. Then we set the client to optimal workload with respect to the agreed goal. The training itself lasts 60 minutes, when we concentrate fully on the client at the time. Training ends with assisted stretching.

Find out which training is suitable for you.

  • Reduction training - focuses on weight reduction, fat loss, and body shaping. We recommend the client with appropriate cardio activities to achieve the desired goal.
  • Muscle-gain training - Focuses on the collection of muscle mass. Firstly, we evaluate the client's previous muscle development, determine if the client has any asymmetry, disbalance, or if the client has health problems (pain in the back or the knee, joints, etc.). In regards of these aspects, we will create a suitable training plan.
  • Condition Training - Focuses on improving the strength, endurance, speed and mobility of the client. This training prevents malfunctions and damage to the body as a result of workload.
  • Pregnancy Training - Focuses on the removal or reduction of muscle imbalance associated with body reconstruction during pregnancy. We often focus on removing back pain resulting from pregnancy. Training focuses mainly on activities with low load and intensity.