About us


we are brother-sister team Gustav and Ria Hrušovsky and together we have more than 30 years of experience in fitness training and a healthy lifestyle. We have founded the MPT Academy to share our knowledge and offer our clients a complex approach to health and fitness because, as in life, we are always just as strong as our weakest link is. The most important chain links are movement, stretching, eating habits and stress management.

The MPT Academy team knows that trying to keep all the pillars of our lives in balance 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, is almost impossible task for even the biggest fitness enthusiast. But it’s true that long-lasting results come from the commitment and not just from an one-hour workout. The MPT Academy team aims to be there for you to keep the balance and to reach your fitness goals.

Do you lack motivation? Do you have lack of movement? Would you like to change your lifestyle to the better? The MPT Academy will help you to identify the problem and find activities that will fit your lifestyle.

Don’t you understand the nutrition labels? We will take you grocery shopping and teach you what to look for.

Don’t you have time to exercise? We approach every single client individually and thanks to the modern technology we can be in touch at almost at any time.

We have helped different people to reach their fitness goals - from celebrities to housewives and athletes.

Our approach is complex and practical. You’ll feel that we’re always there for you.