What to expect from MPT 90 Day Transformation?

This is the most complex program that MPT Academy can offer you. The program includes 90 days of full daily concentration on the client. We first meet with a client in person, where we will get to know them more closely, to clarify what they want from the program and what motivates them to do it. Then we ask them to write us what the typical day of theirs looks like e.g. work schedule, workout and training routines, eating habits - what and how much they eat and how many times a day, whether the client has allergies or intolerances to anything, or if the client doesn't simply like some food and last but not least if the client is taking any medication that might have any contraindications.

We will also gladly help the client find a sporting challenge outside of his regular activities such as what client wished to do as a child or what client wishes to accomplish at the moment, whether it is preparation for the first marathon, spartan race, first fitness racing, climbing the walls, rope climbing, weightlifting with heavy weights and so on.

Then we will schedule the client professional body composition analysis on the inbody machine to obtain detailed information about the weight, body composition, muscle mass distribution, information on subcutaneous and visceral fat or basal metabolism, etc. To find out more about the measuring on the inbody analyzer, please visit www.inbody.cz.

Afterwards, we will meet with the client at another personal meeting, where we analyze all the information we obtained from the analysis and we will discuss history of their sports and training activities, the history of eating habits, or the diet that the client has already tried. Then we put the client into the basics of macro and micro nutrition and go grocery shopping with them, where we can help them choose the right foods with respect to client's goal and we will teach them how to orient in the food labeling system (composition and nutritional value) of individual grocery items. We will also ask about client's medical condition, whether he or she has some moving disabilities, joint pain, high blood pressure and others.

From this moment, we're in touch with the client 24/7 via Viber or Whatsapp.

We meet the client 2-3 times per week during the training session. In regards of the client's goal, we will create a training plan for the rest of the week. The client sends us photos of everything they ate throughout the day and we will send them our feedback. We also send the client newest tricks, various food tips or newest trends in diets. We help with choosing a meal in the restaurant where the client sends us a menu or a link to the restaurant. We teach the client to respond to everyday situations where the plan can not be followed precisely due to the work schedule, workout routine or mental state.

At the end of the whole program, the client goes the final body analysis on InBody machine and then we review the goals and progress that client has achieved.

The MPT 90 day transformation program includes:

  • Initial consultation - finding the goals and motivation for the program
  • Input and Output body analysis
  • 30 personal trainings sessions
  • Diagnosis of the locomotive apparatus
  • Online training plans
  • Set the goal and the sporting challenge that you've dreamed of all your life and we'll help you do it
  • Analysis of existing eating habits
  • individual nutritional plan
  • Grocery shopping with the client - MPT Academy will guide you to choosing the right foods with respect to your goal
  • Nutritional coaching - 24/7 service, when the client sends photos of all meals via viber / whatsapp with our feedback and with the aim of the client to learn and understand a healthy lifestyle
  • Final evaluation of your transformation